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Deped Gingoog City Division Online Information System

This web application provides information pertaining the division profile. It also holds records on the following:

School and Teacher Profile
Monitoring and Evaluation
Social Mobility and Networking
Human Resource Development
Planning and Research

School Profile

Basic Information of the School.


Human Resource Management Information System.


Collecting Mean Percentage Score of all subject per year level in every school.


Rating of facilitator in every session and rating the overall session per day.


Monitor and Track donations of internal and external stakeholders to the school.

Task Force

Members of the K to 12 Task Force per school.

Brigada Skwela

Monitor Brigada Skwela Activity and track donations from stakeholders.

Soon to Offer

Physical Facility

Building, Classroom, Toilet, Washing Facility and etc Inventory System


Online Performance Rating, analysis

Class Program Creator

Creates class program of every section in every year level in the school.

PI Dashboard

Graphical Presentation of every schools performance.