No Month Date Description
51 March 4;11;18;25 Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation with CHO
52 March 5 PPST Orientation
53 March 6 Virtual Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP)
54 March 8-19 Conformance Review of Q4 SLMS in Grade VIII
55 March 8-26 Evaluation of Q4 SLMS in Kinder to Grade III
56 March OCTOBER 6 - 7 Seminar Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for the implementation on DRRM programs
57 March 15 Start of Annual Physical Examination for TP/NTP
58 March 15 Conduct of Quarterly Finance Coordination Meeting for Elementary and Secondary School Heads
59 March 15-19 Computer-based English Proficiency Test (CB-EPT)
60 March April Capacity Building for Non- Teaching Personnel on RA 6713 and RA 11032