No Month Date Description
41 February 24 Virtual Division Research Congress 2021
42 February Tues-Wed- Thurs Duty at the 10 Central School Clinics
43 February 1-28 Inventory of Teachers Profile by School
44 February 1-28 Inventory of Current & Non-Current of Records Unit
45 February Training of Cash Management with Disbursing Officer ADAS II
46 February Liquidation Workshop (Preparation of Bank Recon; Cash Book Recording)
47 March 1-31 Wins Readiness Monitoring and COVID-19 Min. Health Standards Monitoring (D.O. 14 s 2020) to public and private schools; Daily monitoring of Covid Monitoring System (Central Office)
48 March 1-31 Rabies Awareness Month
49 March 1-31 Oral Urgent Treatment
50 March 1-31 Training of Athletes (if possible)