No Month Date Description
11 January 22-23 Virtual SSG/SPG Teacher- Advisers Training Course (TATC)
12 January 25-29 Monitoring of FLT (Pre Test) Assessment for ALS
13 January 28-29 Planning Conference and Workshop for School Sports Activities 2021
14 January Tues-Wed- Thurs Duty at the 10 Central School Clinics
15 January Every 5th of t Division Monthly Monitoring Report of No Tardiness/Absences
16 January 2nd Week of Ja Monthly Meeting of Job- Orders of their respective duties and functions.
17 February 1-28 MDN- HPN Awareness Month
18 February 1 Monthly LAC Session for ALS Implementers
19 February 1-28 Dental Services- Oral Health Month
20 February 1-28 Wins Readiness Monitoring and COVID-19 Min. Health Standards Monitoring (D.O. 14 s 2020) to public and private schools; Daily moniotirng of Covid Moniotring System (Central Office)