No Month Date Description
1 January 4-31 Wins Readiness Monitoring and COVID-19 Min. Health Standards Monitoring (D.O. 14 s 2020) to public and private schools; Daily monitoring of Covid Monitoring System (Central Office)
2 January 4-8 Distribution of Alcohol; Bleach; Face masks to Division Office personnel
3 January 6;13;20;27 Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation with CHO City Health Office
4 January 11-22 Distribution of Alcohol; Bleach; Face masks; liquid hand soap; Isolation gowns to 95 schools in the Division of Gingoog City
5 January 11-15 Attendance to the Regional Seminar- Workshop on the Year- end Reconcialiation of Accounts and Preparation of Reports
6 January 11-29 Administer flu vaccine to Division of Gingoog City personnel
7 January 13 Private Schools Conference
8 January 18-22 Deworming Second Round with CHO City Health Office
9 January 18-29 Conformance Review of Q3 SLMS in Grade VIII
10 January 18-29 Evaluation of Q3 SLMS in Kinder to Grade III