No Type Issuance No. To Title Description Date File
61 Memo 305 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, Admin Assistants, Admin Aides, This Division Schools Liquidation of the 2nd Quarter MOOE Downloading To facilitate the speedy and legitimate downloading of 3rd Quarter school MOOE fund, Aug 11, 2020 1597732780-84317374.jpg
62 Memo 304 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, This Division Provisional Designation of Mr. Raymundo Villafranca as Risograph and Photocopying Machine Operator of Don Restituto Baol Central School for the Production of SLMs In the exigency of public service, this Office provisionally designates Mr. Raymundo Villafranca Jr., Aug 10, 2020 1597732547-20241828.jpg
63 Memo 303 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, All others Concerned, This Division Distribution and Turnover of Materials From The Local Government Unit in Identified Schools The field is hereby informed that this Office, Aug 10, 2020 1597732260-32526607.pdf
64 Memo 302 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, All others Concerned Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 291, s. 2020 (Composition of the Learning Action Cell (LAC) Groups and Assignment of Technical Assistance Providers and Coaches in the Implementation of the Learning Delivery Modalities (LDM) 1 Courses For Division and School Leaders Under the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) Relative to Division Memo No. 291, s. 2020, Aug 10, 2020 1597731989-10640598.pdf
65 Memo 301 ASDS, CHIEFS, Unit Heads, All others Concerned Corrigendum Division Memorandum No. 288, s. 2020 (Office and Individual Performance Commitment Mid_Year Review) Relative to Division Memo No. 254 and No. 288, s. 2020, Aug 10, 2020 1597731547-31366972.jpg
66 Memo 300 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, Teaching & Non-Teaching Personnel, This Division Inventory of School Personnel Profile This Office is conducting an inventory of school personnel profile for managerial and other purposes. Aug 10, 2020 1597729896-59412312.pdf
67 Memo 299 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, All others Concerned, This Division Regional Online Orientation to IPED and Training on Curriculum Contextualization for School Heads and Teachers The Regional Office, through the Curriculum Learning and Management Division (CLMD), Aug 10, 2020 1597719821-80870912.pdf
68 Memo 298 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, This Division List of PhilGeps Accredited Establishments in Gingoog City Hereto attached is the list of PhilGeps accredited establishments in Gingooog City for the guidance and information of all concerned. Aug 07, 2020 1597717438-37647863.pdf
69 Memo 297 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SH, All others Concerned, This Division Orientation Seminar on RA 9184 for the Finance Unit and School Implementing Units With the end in mind that improving the facilitation of procurement processes bolsters not only fiscal responsibility of any organization but also the efficient delivery Aug 07, 2020 1597716534-57470295.pdf
70 Memo 296 ASDS, CHIEFS, EPS, PSDS, SEPS, SH, All others Concerned Enrollment and Online Orientation of New Batches of Seameo Innotech Excels and Guro21 Courses Per Regional Memorandum No. 282, s. 2020, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization for Educational Innovation and Technology Aug 07, 2020 1597716149-21359796.pdf