No Type Issuance No. To Title Description Date File
1 Memo 18 Chiefs, EPS, PSDS, Shool Heads, This Division Opening of Selection Process for Teacher 1 Positions of IPED, SPED, Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High, and Teaching Positions for Senior High Jan 17, 2019 1547704504-75171538.pdf
2 Memo 17 Division Assessment of Applicants for the Positions of Administrative Assistant II & III Jan 17, 2019 1547712957-67752773.jpg
3 Memo 16 CID Chief, EPS, PSDS, School Heads Corrigendum to DM No. 391 and 400 s. 2018 re: Division Training Workshop of the Newly-Hired Teachers on MPPE and Effective Utilization of Multigrade MG-DLPs and IMG-LPs Jan 15, 2019 1547518562-63997916.jpg
4 Memo 15 Chiefs, PSDS, Private Schools Admin, School Heads Araling Panlipunan Program Review-Cum-Araling Panlipunan NAT Results Review (Characterization) Jan 15, 2019 1547514173-50778714.pdf
5 Memo 14 ASDS, Chiefs, Supervisors, School Heads Announcing of Vacant Positions EPS 1 and SEPS Jan 11, 2019 1547387415-35830097.jpg
6 Memo 13 ASDS, Chiefs, Supervisors, School Heads Announcing of Vacant Positions EPS II & HT III Jan 11, 2019 1547387348-65559859.jpg
7 Memo 12 Chief, PSDS, Private Schools Admin, Public School Heads Division winners for the Division Third Quarterly Quiz Bee for the Public and Private Schools in Both Elementary and Secondary Level in Araling Panlipunan Jan 11, 2019 1547387254-4595074.jpg
8 Memo 11 ASDS,Chief,Supervisors,Sch Heads, Section Heads Reading Assessment 2019 Jan 10, 2019 1547180538-18275685.jpg
9 Memo 10 PSDS and School Heads Submission of School Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for 2019 Jan 10, 2019 1547180476-69675063.pdf
10 Memo 09 ASDS,Chief,Supervisors,Sch Heads, Section Heads Creation of the Division Bids and Awards Committee(BAC), BAC Secretariat and Inspectorate Team Jan 10, 2019 1547180395-84903536.pdf