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Years back, when Gingoog City was a municipality, it was a school district of Misamis Oriental Division. As the population of the place increased, it became a Chartered City in July 1960 due to its political independence from the province of Misamis Oriental. Efforts were exerted to establish Gingoog as a separate division so that it could have its own set of educational leaders. There were earlier attempts for such purpose. When Mr. Esteban Sarmiento was the Provincial Schools Superintendent, Gingoog City was organized into 5 school districts, namely: Gingoog, Lunao, Anakan, Odiongan and Daan Lungsod with an Academic Supervisor, the late Mr. Virgilio S. Aguilar to coordinate the overall functions of the school districts with the Provincial Superintendent serving in an Ex-Officio capacity. With the reorganization in 1972, the educational set-up was changed, Gingoog City Division once again became directly a part of Misamis Oriental Division.

On March 3, 1976 however, the Division of Gingoog City was finally created with Mr. Felicisimo Q. Patrimonio as its first Schools Division Superintendent. To date, the following have served as the Schools Division Superintendent of Gingoog City:

1. Felicisimo Q. Patrimonio (1976)
2. Arsenio B. Flores (Aug. 1977)
3. Benjamin 0. Valido (July 1978)
4. Victoriano A. Pasiliao (March 1981)
5. Fe Dumlao Acantilado (July 1986)
6. Tersita B. Crisologo (Nov. 1986)
7. Thelma R. Rocha, Ph.D. (Dec. 1986)
8. Antonio L. Intong (Oct 27, 1987)
9. Rosemary P. Gellor, Ph.D.(June 13, 1994)
10. Priscilla C. Villanueva, Ph.D. (Nov. 18, 1996)
11. Sinforosa A. Guifiares, Ph.D. (Aug. 24, 2000)
12. Angelita H. Gomez (Oct. 2, 2001)
13. Myrna S. Motoomull, Ed.D. (June 10, 2004)
14. Cherry Mae L. Limbaco (March 10, 2007)
15. Domingo V. Samson; Ph.D. (July 1, 2009)
16. Myrna T. CastaƱos, PhD (Sept 1. 2012)